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  • Business Introduction
    Business Introduction
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    Route introduction
    Route introduction
    Domestic shipping container door to door business:

    Ceramics, furniture, electrical appliances, electronic products, floor tiles, ceramic raw materials, plastics, tires, waste plastics, plastic pellets, hardware, waste hardware, tinplate, iron powder, glass, food, beverages, daily necessities, condiments, feed, paper, wood , Stone materials, building materials, product accessories, industrial products, product raw materials and other non-dangerous goods domestic shipping container transportation services.

    Our domestic trading ports are as follows (carrying goods between any two ports and surrounding cities): Guangzhou Huangpu Port; Guangxi Qinzhou Port, Hainan Haikou Port, Xiuying Port; Shenzhen Shekou Port, Yantian Port; Zhuhai Port, Nansha Port; Fujian Quanzhou Port, Xiamen Port, Fuzhou Port; Zhejiang Wenzhou Port, Ningbo Port, Zhapu Port; Taicang Port, Jiangyin Port, Changzhou Port, Nantong Port, Zhangjia Port, Yangzhou Port, Nanjing Port, Hefei, Lianyungang Port; Wuhan, Hubei Ports: Shandong Qingdao Port, Yantai Port, Rizhao Port; Tianjin Port; Northeast Yingkou Port, Dalian Port, Jinzhou Port, Dandong Port, Shanghai Port, Taicang, etc. Inland barge ports: Zhongshan Port, Xinhui Port, Foshan Shiwan, Xiaotang, Sanshui, Gaoming, Xinhui, Fangcun, Zhaoqing, Shunde Leliu; Wuzhou, Guangxi, Fangcheng Port, Beihai Port, Guigang, etc.

    We can undertake the transportation of goods between any of the above ports (except for non-routes), please provide the accurate name, type of container, weight, type of service when inquiring, and provide the door to the district or township, town, village Point the address so that our company can make an accurate quotation. If the customer does not have the ability to load / unload, our company can also handle the loading / unloading of the terminal.

    Box type, load and billing:

    20GP (small cabinet) = 5.98 × 2.35 × 2.38 = 33.44 cubic meters, about 28 tons (for heavy cargo)

    40GP (flat cabinet) = 12.03 × 2.35 × 2.38 = 67.28 cubic meters, about 26 tons (for light goods)

    40HQ (high cabinet) = 12.03 × 2.35 × 2.68 = 75.76 cubic meters, about 26 tons (applicable to bubble goods)

    Billing method (door to door): loading trailer fee + sea freight (including dock fee) + delivery trailer fee

    Business advantages:

    Our company has specialized in shipping business for many years. At present, we have established long-term cooperative relationships with many container liner companies, and have advantages in freight rates and space guarantee.

    Integrating high-quality resources from various parties can provide customers with multiple modes of shipping and provide flexible choices in terms of multiple schedules and freight rates.

    Our company has long-term cooperative high-quality fleets in major ports in China, which can provide customers with the most efficient and fast door-to-door full service.

    Our company has signed contracts with large insurance companies such as PICC, Pacific Insurance, Tokai Shipping Insurance, etc., which can provide full transportation insurance services for cargoes commissioned by customers.

    We have a team of experienced and skilled professional staff, positioned to professionally provide third-party logistics services. Adhering to the business philosophy of "customer's requirements is our service direction, and the owner's satisfaction is our service standard", dedicated to the general Customers provide safe, fast, accurate and value-added freight forwarding services, and strive to become the number one choice for customers.

    Houdezaiwu, dedicated service, we are willing to be your most effective assistant and most loyal friend in logistics!
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